Perfect sound is our job

Installing Hi-End stereos

Classic sound. The truth is in two columns. The sound at your home is better than at a concert. Nuances that allow you to love music in its pristine, pure version. Such as the sound engineer conceived it, and the performer, putting his soul into every note, presented it only to you. Installing Hi-End stereos of any complexity is our art. Every project is our pride. Invite a specialist.

Installing a home theater

The twilight and the light of the spotlight beam. Your impressions of your favorite movie or an exciting match. A new quality of your vacation. Do you think you know everything about cinema? We know a little more. We will select and install exactly what you need and what has been missing so far in your Home cinema, the cinema of your dreams. Invite a specialist.

Large cinema halls (public cinemas, multiplexes)

From the projector and chairs to speakers and popcorn. Design from scratch, upgrade, equipment supply, installation. Our specialists have been building sound in cinemas for 14 years. We will create a sound that you will be proud of. Invite a specialist.

Installation of the "smart home" system

The system of the future, where all the components are hidden, and the sound flows from nowhere. No dozens of remotes, no bulky drawers in your room, you control everything from your smartphone. Voice control of sound and light in your home. This is possible today. Invite a specialist.

Acoustics of rooms and open spaces

In any room, sauna, swimming pool, on the lawn near the house, stadium. In any weather. We create unique acoustics without compromising the design, interior or landscape. In ready-made projects or at the construction stage. Our job is comfort and sound, inside and out. Invite a specialist.

Dubbing bars, cafes, restaurants

Build a sound system or adjust the sound for live performances. Using long–lasting equipment that is as reliable as possible and does not require maintenance for decades is our opportunity. The comfort of visitors is your profit. Invite a specialist.


Sound – is our passion


Nothing superfluous. Only those components that will allow you to feel the music at the level of touch. No harsh sounds. Only sound and effects where they were taken care of on the set or in the studio. No rumbling. A violin concerto or a volcanic eruption, an airplane explosion or the singing of a cricket – you will hear everything in its pristine, natural sound. It is in your room, exactly where you would like. No boxes and lots of wires. We will hide everything from you except the sound itself. This is our art – the result, tested by thousands of installations.


The first Focal branded salon in Europe. Among the assortment of the salon, anyone will be able to choose the optimal Hi-Fi and Hi-End class speaker system, a home theater kit, car acoustics, and other products of the Focal-JMlab company.

Focal combines enthusiasm, tradition and technological excellence to offer optimal listening solutions that would give you exceptional pleasure.

For more than 30 years, Focal has been engaged in the design, development and manufacture of high fidelity speakers and drivers.


The first Canton branded salon in the world. For more than 40 years, Canton has been developing and manufacturing high-quality acoustic systems to satisfy the most demanding and refined taste. Canton speakers amaze with sound, design and quality. More than 500 models of Canton acoustics make it more colorful every day.


Heco acoustics is an example of high sound quality and impeccable performance of Hi-Fi and Hi-End acoustic systems created by some of the best European engineers and designers.

Over its 60-year history, Heco has gained a reputation as one of the most famous and respected companies, thanks to its ability to create acoustic systems that combine high technical characteristics, impeccable design and incredibly realistic sound.


The company's legacy is to be among the first, and the 100–year history of working with audio and visual images allows the company to confidently pave the way to the future. In addition, Denon is always looking forward, developing and is constantly looking for opportunities to turn its own into leading innovations. Whatever the direction of development, Denon will participate in it, complementing its glorious "legacy of the first".


The best cable is not the one that gets the most out of the system, but the one that spends the minimum from the original signal. This is the goal of In-Akustik. Cables work as antennas that attract external signals, for example, from smartphones. These physical phenomena occur during the transmission of signals, for example, from the crackle of a loudspeaker when a smartphone searches for a network, can be minimized technically subtly and with the best materials.

Monitor Audio

It's perfect compatibility and design. This campaign makes diffusers for technology significantly smaller than traditional ones, and they still reproduce sounds far beyond the threshold of human audibility without distortion. This means that Monitor Audio can create thinner and more elegant enclosures for them, so that you enjoy the highest audio characteristics for this class, having acoustic systems that best match your interior and lifestyle.


The main task of Onkyo Corporation has always been the use of advanced technologies, which set it apart from the general series, to achieve the highest sound standards and bring them to the listener, wherever he is. In the 70s, the golden age of Hi-Fi, the slogan of the corporation was Artistry in Sound ("Artistry in sound), and now, when the main home theater is Imaginative Sight & Sound ("Artistic image and sound").


Made in Japan. Founded in Japan in 1946, KENWOOD has occupied one of the leading positions in the global audio-video and communication equipment market from the very beginning, thanks to its innovative technologies, stylish product design and thoughtful marketing. There is a triangle in the center of the KENWOOD logo. Its corners symbolize the "cornerstones" of the KENWOOD philosophy: quality, innovation and technology. Wherever KENWOOD products are developed, manufactured or sold, these three key factors always remain relevant. This contributes to the promotion of a solid and uniform image of KENWOOD, which in turn strengthens the confidence of customers in this brand.


Since 1988, using the principles of the Italian school of design, Bell'O company has been producing furniture, the main idea of which is complete harmony with the interior of any design. The company's motto - “Simply Beautiful” - is reflected in the simple, elegant form of the racks, the design and functionality of which make them the best solution for every home, while maintaining the highest quality of materials and workmanship.


In 1996, Christian Fekner organized a small company, giving great preference to analog sound. Despite the small popularity of Russia, dr vinyl players are very much appreciated by music lovers who understand this area and who know a lot about high-quality sound.


Made in USA. Cadence is a well-known manufacturer of audio products. Over the past two decades, the company has earned a solid reputation for creating sound that is characterized by excellent performance and unique design. It offers a wide range of audio products, which includes everything from cadence speakers to Cadence amplifiers.

Boston Acoustics

The Boston Acoustics company was formed more than thirty years ago. Andy Kotsatos, an outstanding engineer who carried out developments for such large manufacturers as KHT and Advent, was at the head of a small company that produced acoustic systems for the home. Four years after the start of the company, a new direction was launched, which carried out the production of acoustic systems for cars.


The Danish company Eltax was founded in 1959, has been producing high-quality speakers since 1960 and currently produces a wide range of speakers for stereo music and home theater playback. Among the manufacturers of acoustics, it produces one of the widest lines. The range of its products is able to satisfy the needs of a wide range of consumers and allows you to choose acoustics for any interior.


80 years of innovation in Pioneer. In 1937, Nozomu Matsumoto, founder of Pioneer Corporation, developed Japan's first Hi-Fi class dynamic loudspeaker, which became the basis for modern speakers of this class. In 1938, he created the Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho company, the predecessor of Pioneer Corporation. The current name of the Pioneer company was originally a trademark of the “A-8” loudspeaker, developed by the founder of the company, who was very impressed by the high sound quality of a foreign-made dynamic loudspeaker.

Acoustic Energy

The English company Acoustic Energy was established in 1987 in London, later moved to the Cotswolds (Gloucestershire) and is located on an area of 15,000 square feet. The company is one of the most well-known and respected manufacturers of acoustic systems in the world and gained worldwide fame by presenting its High-End acoustic systems, where speakers with metal diaphragms were used. The company's philosophy is as follows: "To find innovative solutions in the development of enclosures, carefully and wisely apply the latest technology, while pursuing one goal ― to clearly convert the amplifier signal into high-quality acoustic energy."


The first products that Morel began to produce were car speakers. As a result of the fact that they used unique Morel production technologies, these acoustic systems have won the great love of fans of good sound. This may be evidenced by their installation in the most expensive cars around the world (for example, in Pagani). Morel has recently started producing subwoofers. For a very long time, the company has been producing high-quality acoustic systems for 50 world brands. And only in the last few years she decided to start manufacturing Hi-Fi, which would be sold under the Morel trademark. Almost all of Morel's inventions are created in Israel, where numerous tests and inspections are carried out, as a result of which the unsurpassed quality of all its products can speak.

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity became the first British company to compete with manufacturers of powerful amplifiers from the USA. The use of state–of-the-art electronics and excellent value for money - these are the two principles that Musical Fidelity has been following for all these years. To this day, Musical Fidelity enjoys a well-deserved reputation in the industry and has numerous fans thanks to the ability to create high-quality devices in different price ranges with a recognizable sound and signature.


The English company Tannoy is the oldest manufacturer of high-quality acoustic systems, producing them for more than 70 years. Tannoy has an unconditionally high authority among audiophiles all over the world, and this company has become the only one in the world to be awarded the prestigious Japanese Golden Sound award four times. Tannoy monitors are used as reference monitors by many professional recording studios. Tannoy is a trademark on many sound installations around the world. Examples are the Transformation Center in Hong Kong, the Opera in Sydney, the London Palladium, the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and the most expensive Tannoy speakers, Westminster Royal, are installed in the residence of the Queen of England in Windsor. The main difference between Tannoy speakers and acoustics from other companies is the use of proprietary coaxial emitters – point sound sources with excellent phase frequency characteristics and providing the legendary sound of Tannoy speakers. Engaged exclusively in the production of speakers, Tannoy has become the only company that has won the Golden Sound four times, and this, according to some experts, is the highest award equivalent to the "number one in the world".


The equipment of this Japanese brand is not subject to the vagaries of fashion, because it is created, first of all, for the sake of really high fidelity of sound reproduction. This is the main reason why these products have not become the subject of mass production. In the endless struggle for the best quality, which requires a very high level of production organization, it was decided to abandon conveyor methods. In this regard, the volume of production is limited, and Accuphase brand products can be purchased only in some specialized stores.


An American company producing acoustic audio equipment, part of the Harman International Industries association, which includes audio equipment production units: acoustic systems, soundbars, home cinema meters, portable speakers and headphones. For more than 70 years, JBL ® has been creating devices that are the embodiment of the mastery gained through a leading role in the world of professional sound. The JBL brand has become associated with a clear and clean sound that fills many clubs, cinemas, recording studios, concert halls, stadiums around the world. JBL acoustics is designed for those who do not tolerate compromises - both in the studio, at home and in the car.


The company JVC (Victor Company of Japan) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of audio and video products. The long-term experience of JVC allows us to firmly hold the leading positions in the market of audiovisual products.

The company, called Victor Company of Japan (later shortened to JVC), was founded in 1927 and was originally the Japanese division of the American Victor Talking Machine Company.

In 2009, JVC was acquired by the Japanese company Kenwood, specializing in the production of automotive audio equipment and radio stations. In 2011, JVC and Kenwood merged their trading operations, and the company became known as JVC KENWOOD Corporation.


Infinity Corporation was founded in 1968 in California by Arnie Nudell and John Ulric. As company representatives often point out, Design, Technology and Functionality are exactly what distinguishes Infinity products from products of any other brand. And these are not just words: Infinity Corporation has repeatedly won prestigious awards at various world competitions. Infinity's major discoveries are based on the work of many laboratories and research centers: new materials are being studied, new production methods are being developed, and a new concept of sound production culture is being formulated.

MTX Audio

MTX car acoustics attracts attention with its quality of workmanship and sound. These are really decent-priced acoustic components that will last you a long time and will delight you with their sound. A specific feature of the sound of MTX acoustic systems is a good study of the bass part and a sonorous, detailed top.

MTX automotive power amplifiers are famous for their build quality and good power reserve. The performance of the amplifiers is brutal. When you take it in your hands, you feel a good power reserve, which is embedded in it by the manufacturer. All amplifiers have a built-in crossover, which allows you to limit the frequencies from both above and below.


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