Canada Classé Audio

"There must be something better."

These were the words of Mike Viglas in 1979, which sent him on the path of collaboration with engineer David Reich and the founding of Classé Audio. Mike knew what it meant to work hard and build something.

How to achieve both performance and reliability from high-quality electronics? That was the main thought when Mike met David Reich, a talented young engineer who had created his own solid-state amplifiers.

This is how the Classé company was founded. Their first amplifier, the DR-2, was introduced in 1980. It was a 25-watt stereo amplifier operating in Class A, which was the inspiration for the name of the new company. Other models followed, and Classé quickly gained a reputation for reliable and open, natural and authoritative sound. Forty-four years later, Classé remains at the forefront of audio.

Precision manufacturing at the legendary Shirakawa Audio Works in Northern Japan allows today's Classé to deliver the performance and reliability that Mike Viglas has always demanded. We think he would be proud of what we have achieved.

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