Germany HECO

Back in 1950, HECO launched the first speaker housing in mass production, which at that time was an absolute innovation. Another milestone in the company's history was the legendary compact Hi-Fi speaker "Type B130" in a six-liter case. Thanks to this product, HECO had already established itself as one of the first successful speaker brands by 1965. A whole line of legendary speakers shaped the history of HECO and German Hi-Fi.

In 1987, the company took the first place in a number of ratings due to its Superior product lines, as a result of which it received an authoritative status! Almost two years later, HECO celebrated its 40th anniversary with the release of the first Concerto Grosso - premium handmade acoustics! Just a year later, in 1990, the German speaker manufacturer became a trendsetter in the development of compact subwoofer systems.

In 2005, the company made a decisive leap in terms of consolidating its status as a manufacturer of premium speakers thanks to the Celan series. This exceptional series has brought HECO great recognition throughout the industry. At the High End 2015 exhibition, HECO celebrated the world premiere of the new HECO Direkt. Thanks to HECO Direkt, listeners can count on high-quality handmade double-sided speakers in classic format. The latest development standards and technologies combined with a massive low and medium frequency housing and highly efficient tweeters create an acoustic masterpiece, the like of which is nowhere else to be found today. And the Hi-Fi world was no less delighted with the new achievements of the design series: HECO Direkt Dreiklang and HECO Direkt Einklang.

The fact that HECO has reinvented itself over and over again in recent years – during a period when some of the most important developments in Hi-Fi technology took place – is a testament to the strength and enduring innovative power of the brand.

Heco acoustics is an example of high sound quality and impeccable performance of Hi-Fi and Hi-End acoustic systems created by some of the best European engineers and designers.

Over its 60-year history, Heco has gained a reputation as one of the most famous and respected companies, thanks to its ability to create acoustic systems that combine high technical characteristics, impeccable design and incredibly realistic sound.

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